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Image by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

Microgreens & Strawberries

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Bonsai Plant Flowers
Decorative Succulent plants

Growing For The Future

At 61 Urban we have two goals: to bring the beauty of nature into the urban environment and to ensure a healthy, sustainable farming environment for tomorrow by pioneering alternative farming techniques. As such we not only specialize in sustainable, organic, urban farming but we also cater for the luxuries of urban living through our bonsai and terrarium nursery.

At our high-tech vertical indoor aeroponics farm, we cultivate a variety of strawberry species and microgreens. We also design and fit-out hydroponics farms to our customer's unique environments and growing needs, ranging from high-tech large scale solutions to DIY kits and grow systems.

We firmly believe in creating a sustainable and secure food supply chain. And it is through the creation of our centralized, urban farms that we intend to solve both these problems whilst moving towards a secure, sustainable future.

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Our Services

Image by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya
Picking Strawberries

We're branching out ('scuse the pun) into many varieties of this superfood. Microgreens boast some of the highest nutritional values of any food. A delicious fresh addition to any diet or recipe. 

All our strawberries are grown in our state-of-the-art vertical Aeroponics farm. This allows us to not only produce beautifully sweet and fresh strawberries year-round, but it is also a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming method that uses 95% less water than a traditional farm.


P.S Because we grow our strawberries indoors, there are no pesticides or fungicides used at our farm!

Image by Devin H
Image by David Emrich


 These high-end pieces of living art bring life and sophistication to any urban space while standing the test of time as they are able to live hundreds of years. All our bonsai are developed and cared for at our private urban nursery.


An independent ecosystem that requires no maintenance is what a terrarium is all about. In essence, it's a world of its own. Not only are they a marvel but they are also a statement piece in any interior design.

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